1. The last part of the 17th cxentury was a time of cultural renaissance in Japan as theatical creativity flourished.
  2. The movis The Lord of tne Rings became a blockbuster in many countries around the world.
  3. The jury listened to evidence in the murder trail for two months , then delivered a verdict of " guility."
  4. After all the hype over this new book, I expected it to be spectacrlar , but was disappointed when I read it.
  5. Many who suffer with leukemia are children . It's very hard for them to grow up being sick all the time .
  6. renaissance=事物的復興
  7. blockbuster=暢銷品
  8. VERDICT=決定
  9. hype= 大肆宣傳
  10. leukemia=血癌