1. The list of discoveries by“accident”could fill a long book. 
  2. 偶然的發現可以寫一本很厚的書。(偶然) 
  3. The law of relativity was formulated by Einstein. 
  4. 相對論是愛因斯坦創立的。(被動) 
  5. The book was written by Mr. Zhang. 
  6. 這本書是張先生寫的。(被動) 
  7. That in 1969 the first artificial satellite was launched to the space is known to man. 1969 年第一顆人造衛星上了天是眾所周知的。 
  8. (這裡用 to man 而不用 by。即當單數又無冠詞的 man 和 known 搭配時,表示人類不用 by。)
  9. ——————————————